“Focus on Human”

Trenkwalder, who has been active in human resources, recruiting and payrolling for 30 years in 14 countries, provides operational services such as process management, CRM and supply chain to many national and international companies.

Trenkwalder is a subsidiary of Droege Group. The Droege Group, which is established in Germany in 1988, gives consultancy services in 30 countries and invests with own funds. The Droege Group is among the top 100 in Forbes Global and the top 10 in Forbes Germany.

Trenkwalder Turkey entered the market in 2007, and the Istanbul headquarters of Turkey’s 3 Regional Offices with their customers at every point in the field of specialized staff Human Resources Consulting and Call Center. 

By giving continuous training to all employees, both temporary and permanent, Trenkwalder can offer customers an immediate service with its highly-motivated, qualified candidates. While customers decrease their costs, competitiveness is improved, allowing them to focus on their core business.

Holding a number of national and international certificates and awards, Trenkwalder provides service and procedure management solutions to meet the needs of its customers using its expertise and knowledge of HR procedures.