Trenkwalder was founded in 1985 at the initiative of Richard Trenkwalder in Austria.


Trenkwalder brings together own experience and expertise of the partners of Turkey, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.


Trenkwalder has entered in Greek Market.


Emerging Markets Prize was awarded a good analysis of the market developed in the field of recruitment and a wide range of innovative and affordable solutions to the market.


The international area joined the Droege Group, which has direct investment activities in 30 countries, with consultancy and equity.


Trenkwalder joined membership in an international private employment services sector of global trade organization CIETT. Trenkwalder is a member of CIETT and has received numerous awards



  • More than 30 years of market experience in Europe
  • Unrivaled recruitment network with more than 200 offices in 17 countries
  • More than 50.000 employees
  • More than 10,000 satisfied customers from different sectors
  • The annual turnover of more than 800 million Euros
  • National and international awards and certificates
  • Experts in Service/Procedure Management
  • Impeccable reputation between organizations and employees
  • Continuous training for temporary and permanent employees in a variety of fields
  • An effective combination of HR and other support services
  • Access to highly skilled people in Central and Eastern Europe
  • The leader in HR procedures and management knowledge
  • Focussed on areas of expertise
  • Access to a large pool of potential employees with a wide variety of skills
  • Employees with high motivation and job satisfaction
  • Innovative solutions for outstanding operational success