As Trenkwalder, we

  • Determine our work according to civil rights and liberty;
  • Do not discriminate against any belief, culture or orientation;
  • Do not harm wildlife and take measures to promote sustainability;
  • Support all our employees equally in their area of need;
  • Take all possible measures to promote the health of trenkwalder family employees;
  • Support cultural and artistic events;
  • Believe that united we can achieve so much more!

Every year in Turkey, 1.4 billion tons of fertile soil, including 500 million tons of agricultural land, is lost through erosion. According to authorities at TEMA, soil erosion is what happens when vegetation is destroyed or severely damaged. The soil is worn down and moved away by the effects of rain, water and wind, finally building up in another location. This is one of the greatest dangers that faces Turkey today.

Soil erosion affects 90% of Turkey’s land area, a figure which is 17 times the amount in Europe and 6 times that in North America. It takes 500 years to replenish just 1cm of topsoil, the country’s most important natural source.

As a step towards a sustainable future, Trenkwalder supports the natural world by planting, through the TEMA Foundation, a sapling for each new employee to join our company.

For years, Trenkwalder has been supporting children’s charities by selling UNICEF greetings cards

“This generous contribution makes it possible for UNICEF to make permanent improvements to the standard of living for many deprived children. UNICEF would like to thank theTrenkwalder International Group for their longstanding valuable support.” Harald Maier, Marketing and Sales Director, Austria