What is the Trenkwalder Difference?

We purpose professional solutions that might be customized based on the needs and purposes of business that have a wide range of different operational processes, such as retailers, chain stores, pharmacies and logistic main warehouses. In the Stock Count and Inventory Audit segment, we continue to be the market leader for over 10 years in Turkey; our expertise and experiences in this business have been recognized with many awarded and certificates.


How do we succeed?
“Right Solutions”

We leverage our young and dynamic organizational structure and power to carry on operational processes all around Turkey and thus quickly respond to any problems that might occur. We develop the infrastructures and technological systems fit for our business partners and we offer simple, fast and smooth counting operations.

What do we do?
  • Accurately reporting stocks on the financial statements
  • Confirming physical availability of the stocks
  • Checking price accuracy of the stocks
  • Identifying and reporting stock differences
  • Proper product planning
  • Measuring our business partners’ ability to properly manage stocks
  • Identifying improper and irregular activities
Examples of Our Business Partners

LC WAIKIKI: Since 2002, we have been providing stock count service for over 400 stores all around Turkey.

WATSONS: Since 2012, we have been providing stock count service for over 200 stores all around Turkey.

KOTON: Since 2014, we have been providing stock count service for over 300 stores all around Turkey.

“Competitive edge through technologies fit to your needs”
What is the Trenkwalder Difference?

We set goals with our business partners based on participatory, responsible and transparent management approach and we come up with flexible and fast solutions for achieving these goals. We manage the operational processes and increase the quality and efficiency of the service provided by improving these processes based on the needs.

How do we succeed?
“Right Technology”

We guide our business partners in the path to achieving competitive edge through the solutions designed by the young and dynamic R&D team. The customized warehouse management programs allow our business partners to have instant access to report and product movements at any time and to track operational process step by step.

What do we do?
  • Product acceptance and storage
  • Shipment and preparation
  • On-site handling and handling returned products
  • E-commerce warehouse management
  • Re-logistics