What is the Trenkwalder Difference?

We carefully and selectively choose personnel who are fit for the corporate culture of our business partners. We designed communication channels that are always available and they enable us to quickly meet our business partners’ expectations and demands.

How do we succeed?
“Right Human Resources”

One of the key factors contributing to our success is to select and place the right candidate for the right job. We make sure that the candidate has the capacity required for the related position and also that the candidate is fit for our business partner’s corporate culture, organization and work conditions; this allows making the right choice for the candidate and our business partners.

When assessing a candidate, we prefer face-to-face communication. This gives the opportunity of getting to know and understand the candidate better and guides us to make a clearer and more transparent evaluation of the candidate. We create satisfied happy business partners with satisfied personnel who understand each other and have the same point of view.

Temporary Personnel Supply

What do we do?
  • White Collar Selection and Placement at every level
  • Payrolling Services
  • Keeping in contact with our business partners to constantly inform and guide them
  • Organizing staff that observes the corporate culture of our business partners
  • Clearly sharing with our business partners the market knowledge we obtain through working on the positions
Selection and Placement Service

Regardless of their business sector, Trenkwalder performs employee selection and placement for clients in a way that optimally fulfills their requirements and increases labour productivity. Accordingly, we have developed a wide range of services based on long-term cooperation, confidentiality and high quality.

Our customer portfolio is comprised of a wide range of international and domestic firms. Special teams experienced in their own fields provide recruitment services to our clients and job candidates.

During the hiring process, each candidate is thoroughly investigated and evaluated as to their competencies and suitability for the position.  We pay careful attention not only to technical competency, but also to choosing candidates with suitable degrees of personal development.

With our effective, comprehensive and up-to-date database, experience and contact network, we run a results-oriented operation.